i’m moving… Friday, Feb 16 2007 

on over to typepad. sorry for the confusion. i think its time for a change. now if i could just figure out how to make my typepad page look all pretty. gotta work on that, but come see me at: http://sarahwilkinson.typepad.com/simplysarah/

 see ya over on the otha’ side.

 peace and love.


the lovely list Sunday, Feb 4 2007 

lots of good stuff going on right now. i have lots to be grateful for. lots to love. just lots of lovelies. steven calls me his “list-y lady” since i am always writing lists for EvErYtHiNg, i figured its about time for one of my favorites list on my new blog. so enjoy.

 the lovely list (simply sarah basics to add love and sparkle to your life)

*my new journal. gotta love target. its simple. its basic. but it gets filled with 3 pages each morning about me and my life. and the sweetest part? they now come in pink.

 *zig millenium pens. not just for scrapbooking, these fabulous pens come in all sorts of sizes, perfect for your handlettering and journaling. be sure to shadow!

*vanilla scented candles. i have to admit, i stock these babies like they’re going outta style. i love the $10 value pack at wallyworld of all the pillars. i keep at least 2 packs in my closet all the time. (just in case the power goes out or romance is sparked)

*french music. i have no idea where i found this cd of french cafe music but it totally lightens my mood and inspires me to get out my french dictionary and start sputtering out words. one of my intentions this year is to learn french. (and next year…go to paris and speak the language)

*love actually. i love this movie. i can sit and watch it over and over again. its a classic feel good about love. plus it has a bunch of british folks in it, so i gotta love the accents.

 *somethings gotta give. another one of my favorite movies. i love all the imagery in this movie, that would totally be my beach cottage if i could afford to live in the hamptons.

*sepia photography. i have ventured away from my standard black and white and i am not sure i will go back anytime soon. i am loving the brown and antique-ish tones and how fabulous they look with all of my vintage style papers

*white roses. i bought myself a pretty little bouquet of spray roses this week, they are extremely pricey this time of year, but so worth the extra few bucks. seeing them makes me smile. smelling them makes me smile. i can’t wait to have a garden of my own.

*pink and green color combination. i have been using this for ages, but i found some new tones recently and it totally re-sparked the love affair. i have been creating up a storm in my studio and all of my favorite pieces have included these two colors together.

*a comfy chair and ottoman. i am CRAVING a place of my very own to sit and write, read, browse, meditate and just be. i have wanted an oversized, overstuffed and overfluffy chair and ottoman set for what feels like forever. i think this is the week i actually buy it.

*pearl covered photo album. so what thats for wedding photos. it makes me happy. and thats what is important. i filled it with 75 of my favorite photos, all printed in black and white and it will one day sit in my sweet little nook.

*sweet little nook. every gal needs a place to call her own. i am gonna create mine, in the corner of my studio. a comfy place to sit, a pretty table and lamp, photos and a spot for fresh flowers.all of my favs in one spot. a little place of my very own to just be.

good stuff. well i am off to primp and all that lady like stuff. going to a superbowl party with my parents at our best friend’s house. have a lovely day. and make your own lovely list. i am sure to add to mine very soon.

my ephiphany Wednesday, Jan 31 2007 

with a deep breath, i must admit. i am not entering the hall of fame contest. there are a few resounding reasons, one being that i am not feeling entirely well. but the biggest and most important, my personal style. its pretty important to me, i have a distinct-ness that is uniquely my own, and while i share it in my classes and all that good stuff, i am not ready for it to be judged so publicly. i got a little note of encouragement from the husband on the subject, he says, “you don’t need a magazine editoral panel to tell you that you rock. your creations mean the world to me.” and thats one of the reasons i married him. he totally gets it. and more so, he totally gets me.

 so today i spent a good portion of my day shopping for art supplies at my favorite stores, impress rubberstamps and paperzone. i bought all sorts of goodies for my birthday party invitations. and a whole lot of other things that i am so excited to play with. best purchase of the day was a nifty new tote bag, on clearance for 50% off. total score, i love when that happens.

 so CHA is this week and i have been asked to be on the lookout for the goodies and latest and greatest that i think are uber-hip and happening. i am LOVING the new melissa frances goodies, hello…pink glitter?!?! how couldn’t i fall in love with it? and the stamps, and mini books, its all going to be added to my stash very shortly i am hoping. i am also loving the new amy butler designs for k&company, i love love love her fabric, so seeing it in my creative medium of choice is total excitement. and i love the scrapping tote, i definitely have to have that. i love some of the new florals from prima, they are always a favorite. and bazzil is introducing more bling, so you know i am all over that. i have a laundry list of things i gotta check out and gotta have, for classes and personal use. its a good thing i’m working so i can pay for all these new goodies.

 so i am getting started a little early on some homecoming stuff for when steve finally gets back. i have so many creative projects going on right now, nothing totally finished. i am very inspired. working on class kits and curriculum information and all that good stuff. its so much fun. i have some awesome things in mind for the next few months at the scrapbook zone, so if you’re a local chick, i hope you can check some of ’em out and see what “simply sarah” is all about. lots of vintage. lots of shabby chic. lots of girliness and goodness. and a whole lotta sparkle, but thats a given. hello…i wasn’t THE glitter girl for 3 years for nothin’.

well, its mighty early and i am off to start the day. i didn’t sleep yesterday except for a 2 hour nap. i am gonna get myself into the doctor’s office AGAIN and see if there is anything i can do to get a handle on this wacky sleep schedule of mine and hopefully ease a little bit of this tension that feels to be becoming a migraine. being a girl really sucks sometimes.

 toodles! and be sure to leave a little love, you know i smile when i see your thoughts. 🙂

creative goodness Friday, Jan 26 2007 

i love it when a dry spell vanishes and my creative energy and enthusiasm is restored. i am feeling a million times better about some projects i am working on. there have been several gals to sign up for my first class at the scrapbook zone, so thats exciting! and beyond that, i think i might actually finish my hall of fame entry this weekend, which is right on the schedule i set for myself a month ago! its gonna be a fabulous weekend.

 today is an extra special day, tonight marks halfway through the patrol, now while its not an exact science, it does give us something to look forward to. this patrol has been a bit rough for me. i have missed steve far more than usual, or maybe its just like childbirth and you forget how much it hurts until you experience it again. either way, i am holding strong, getting well and entertaining myself with a lot of my favorite things

 a few nights ago i had this awesome dream about steve. in my real life, i had a rough few moments and i cried a little. in the midst of my tears, i sat outloud, “God i just want to borrow Steve for a few minutes, enough for him to give me a hug, and tell me that its all going to be okay.” Obviously, thats not gonna happen, but I was just voicing a wish. That night I had a dream about someone knocking on my door, waking me in the middle of the night. When I opened the door it was Steven. And he said, “Babe, I only have a few minutes but I thought you might need a hug and for me to remind you that everything is going to be okay.” and then he kissed me on the forehead, wrapped his arms around me, told me he loved me and then walked away. even in the dream, i felt a million times better. When I woke up, I just laid there, re-living it all in my mind, feeling it all over again. It was awesome, just the little gift from God to help me get through another week.

 Well, I have no fabulous pictures to share in this post, but hopefully some goodies to come soon. I am so stinking inspired, I might as well use my creativity while I’ve got it. Have a wonderful weekend and please be especially sweet to folks you come across in the next few days, you never know what someone is going through, and a smile from a stranger might be the only sunshine in their days.

 Love and Blessings,


good days ahead Tuesday, Jan 23 2007 

i love getting presents. especially when i don’t know who they are from. today all of these goodies came for me in a pretty little box. i started wearing this perfume about a month ago, its quickly become a favorite. my sweet husband doesn’t even know about it yet, since he’s been gone, but i am sure that he is gonna love the new softly sweetened sarah scent (say that three times fast).  so now its a big mystery about who the sweet (and secret) generous soul is who surprised me with such happiness. no guesses here, but pure elation and gratitude. thank you whoever you are.

the creative vibe is alive and kicking. i have been dreaming of scrapbooking the last few days, dreaming of layouts and projects, classes and techniques. i think its a disease. scrapitis or something like that. either way, i am well on my way to completing my hall of fame stuff. and feeling SO good about it. even if i don’t win, its a challenge and a fun one at that. and a good little something to distract me from the fact that i should be in bed on bedrest. stupid mono…oh well. its doing wonders for my creativity.

 early this morning i perked myself up with a little at home spa session. gave myself a nice soak in the tub, deep conditioned my hair, did a mini manicure and i exfoliated and deep moisturized from head to toe. it feels so good. put on some new extra soft pink pajamas and settled in for a quiet afternoon. i turned the ringer off the phones, lit a few candles in my bedroom and read a book for a while, then watched some of my favorite tv shows, and just recharged. this evening i am going to enjoy a quiet dinner for one by candlelight, read some more, write in my journal and hopefully work on some creative endeavors. good stuff, right?

 well i have babbled enough about not much for one afternoon. have a fabulous evening all, do something extra special for yourself. and give your loved ones an extra kiss before bed tonight.

share love and blessings.

saturdays are good for the soul Saturday, Jan 20 2007 

….something about saturdays has always captivated me. i always feel a whole lot better when i wake up late on a saturday morning. i feel refreshed. inspired. creative. engergized. today i got up earlier than usual, working on many of my daunting tasks. felt good to get stuff crossed off the never ending to-do list. filed my taxes. organized some folders. finished up something top secret. i got more accomplished in two hours than most people do in a week. and that felt so good. now its early evening, i took a little nap this afternoon and i’m feeling ready for what else the day has to offer.

 i would love to work on some creative projects. the deadline for Hall of Fame is quickly approaching and while i have half-heartily admitted to myself and those closest to me that i am in fact entering, my scrapbook stash has yet to boast such. i need 10 layouts. not a big deal, but i just haven’t had that creative push in the last few days. i’m hoping it comes soon. in the meantime, i have done some pretty cool things for classes at “the zone” and i am really looking forward to ’em. fresh new beginnings are awesome.

 got some e-mails from beyond the sea from stevey. oh how i love that man. he cracks me up, he is so excited about the littlest things. he loved the little scrapbooks i made and sent to him. loved the chuck norris jokes. i think its safe to say he just loves me. i have been brainstorming some ideas for ways to make his homecoming extra special. i think i have a few really good ones planned. this patrol he missed so much that is important to us, so i want him to know that even though he was miles away, he was still in my heart and participating right along with me.

 hmmm…nothing else exciting to write about. doing a lot of mediation the last few days. i feel silly admitting that, but its doing wonders for my mood and my creativity. i am gonna pick up some more discs very soon and just keep the cycle going. if you’re interested, check ’em out here at : http://brainsync.com and trust me, its totally worth it.

 have a fabulous evening.

therapy session Thursday, Jan 18 2007 

feeling a lot of mixed feelings these days. doing a lot of soul searching and reflection. since i am on bedrest for another 2 weeks, its time to slow down and relax and recharge. something i should have been doing for the last three weeks, but what can i say? i am a busybee.

i had digital cable installed today. i figured that if i had more channels to distract my time, i would be more compelled to stay in bed and be a bum. so far its working. i have all these music channels, so my living room has been a source of channel 936, soft classical, all day long. it makes the dogs happy. it makes me happy when i walk into the room and hear soft, sweet music. and i have the style network back. ahh…i love that channel. i haven’t been able to watch it since we lived in charleston, gasp…2 years ago, so its been fun catching up on my favorite shows.

i have supposed to been working on my HoF entry, but i just haven’t had that creative urge the last few days. working on some more classes for the scrapbook store. wrapping up some details for some upcoming stuff, but nothing for hall of fame. shame on me. i wanted to do a layout a day for the next two weeks, but i disgress, i have done only 1 in the last 5 days. sue me. i’m sick. when i’m feeling creative, the pages will flow.

thinking about babies a lot these days. this always happens when steve goes out to sea and there is no chance for me to get pregnant. its especially hard this time. i am still in the waves of grief. feeling sad for the child i lost. disappointed that i didn’t know. but at the same time, hopeful that the opportunity for blessing will come again, and this time…to term. we’ll just have to wait and see. and pray. lots of prayer in this category.

got lei’d today. hehehe, i like saying that. a friend of ours returned from hawaii and brought me home a fresh flower lei. its gorgeous. and smells heavenly. it was a nice touch and a sweet gesture that really brightened my afternoon. and now the aroma is brightening my house. love plumerias and gardenias. love ’em.

so the next two weeks are going to bring a lot of solitude. time alone in my room to think and reflect. hopefully to write and create and dream and brainstorm. i have so much that i want to do this year. so much i want to accomplish. there is just so much to think about and do. i’m excited to get better and get started. but in the meantime, i am heeding doctor’s orders and resting up. sleeping as much as possible and drinking what feels like gallons of water. i can’t wait to start yoga and pilates again soon. and get out of the house and go for a brisk walk. stretch out on the patio in a comfy chair with a blanket draped over me as i sip my morning tea and think about what i hope the day brings. but all of this will have to wait. its freezing outside. i’m still sick with mono. and i don’t have a comfy chair for the patio just yet. but spring is on the horizon, and big changes are in the near future. i can feel big things coming my way. can you?

essentially sarah Thursday, Jan 18 2007 

thought i would share with you all that is essential to being me. all of my basics, my must-haves. oprah has her o-list and her favorite things, this is my interpretation.

 scrapbook essentials

i have been scrapbooking since i was 12 years old and let me tell ya, the hobby has really evolved in the last 12 years. accordingly, all of my essentials have changed as well. there are some things that remain the same, and will always be staples in my stash things such as a PAPER TRIMMER, i am loving the new making memories self-sharpening one. ek success JOURNALING PENS, i have ’em in every thickness and thinness and am constantly buying more so i never run out. BAZZIL CARDSTOCK: i love all of the fabulous colors and the texture is amazing, i am always sure to stock plenty of white, lily green and powder pink, for my signature looks. PRIMA FLOWERS: i love the little white ones, i add a pretty pearl to the center as soon as i buy ’em and then put ’em back in their pretty containers. that way i always have a stash ready for my creative projects. MINI BOOKS: this is what i am creating most of the time, various sizes as small as 2×2 up to 9×9. i love the simplicity of putting together an entire project in a few hours, full of coordinating products and embellishments. its no surprise that i love glitter, all things that sparkle, shimmer and shine, so i have to be sure to include art GLITTER in my favorite file, they have the best colors, its microfine so it maximizes sparkle and it adds so much whimsy to your projects. stock up. i also love MELISSA FRANCES: the papers are so shabby chic and vintage and add such a feminine touch to my pages. i love the coordinating tags and i’m falling in love with the expressive transfers. sherelle christensen has FABULOUS handwriting and she shared her style to these rub-ons and i couldn’t be more excited about ’em. i have a stock pile of every style in white, which adds such a cool element to my pages. i am totally addicted to HEIDI SWAPP’s stuff. love the chipboard, love the alphabets, love the frames, love the stamps, love it all! these goodies are a staple in my supply closet, in fact, i have three drawers devoted to my “swapp stash” and its growing with every trip to the scrapbook store. i also stock a lot of MAKING MEMORIES  goodies, lots of metal embellishments and i especially love their older line, vintage hip gracen with its pretty flowers and polka dots.

 girly essentials.

meet me and you’ll instantly learn that i am one of the girliest girlies around. i love makeup and pretty clothes and classic style. i have tried and bought plenty of makeup in my day, but BARE ESCENTUALS is a definite favorite. this mineral based makeup literally makes my skin glow as if i am lit from within. it lasts all day, clears up your skin and comes in fabulous, natural looking colors. its fabulous. its a little pricey, but i have found it lasts so much longer than other foundations and because you need just a little for that awesome look, the entire line lasts ages. PHILOSOPHY AMAZING GRACE. this is my latest scent and i gotta admit, at first i wasn’t loving it. i am a sweeter smelling gal, and this has a tinge of musky-ness to it that i wasn’t sure about. but now i love it. its feminine and clean. and i get so many compliments about it. i am building quite a little stock pile of the various shampoos, lotions and other goodies in this line and loving it all. CASHMERE CARDIGANS. i love softness. i love feeling feminine. i love classic and understated. i have only one cashmere cardigan right now, its a light blue with pearl buttons. its my favorite thing to wear when i wanna feel sweet and cute. the price is a bit higher than other fabrics, but with proper care and laundering, it will last as long as you do. LIPGLOSS. i love having pretty sparkly lips. so i stockpile all sorts of glosses, and you can find them in just about every purse, pocket, drawer or basket around my house and car. i usually buy very girly sorts, full of shimmer or glitter. having that little bit of sparkle just makes me happy, and it looks fabulous too. old navy VELOUR SWEATPANTS and HOODED ZIP UP JACKET. i have to admit, i have these in a few colors and if i’m having a lazy day, or a creative day, this is the first thing outta my closet i will grab. i love the comfort, softness and the simplicity of it.

 i still got a lot more to add to this list, but i gotta step out for a bit, more to come.

grace Saturday, Jan 13 2007 

grace figurine from claire stonerthis is that what i am seeking for the year 2007 and of course, every moment of my life from this point on. such a powerful and beautiful word. don’t you agree?

grace (gr
s) n.
1. Seemingly effortless beauty or charm of movement, form, or proportion. 2. A characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement. 3. A sense of fitness or propriety. 4. A disposition to be generous or helpful; goodwill. Mercy; clemency. 5. A favor rendered by one who need not do so; indulgence. 6. A temporary immunity or exemption; a reprieve. 7. Graces Greek & Roman Mythology Three sister goddesses, known in Greek mythology who dispense charm and beauty. 8. a. Divine love and protection bestowed freely on people. b. The state of being protected or sanctified by the favor of God. c. An excellence or power granted by God.graced, grac·ing, grac·es

creative streak Friday, Jan 12 2007 

ahh the last few days have been very productive. still on bed rest. but i get outta bed every once in a while to hang out in my studio and work on some creative projects. i have done SO much and it feels awesome. having completed projects always energizes me to create more. i just keep ’em coming.

 i am starting to teach classes at my local scrapbook store and i am so excited about it. i finished up a sweetheart album, and i must say, its quite lovely. and it only took me about 3 hours from start to finish, totally fresh concepts, no sketches,  nothing, just creative time. love days like that.

 also working on my hall of fame stuff too. i need a good block of uninterrupted time to just create to my heart’s content. maybe later on in the week. i have so many little things i wanna do, stationary orders to complete. home decor goodies i wanna finish. good stuff. fun stuff. keep me busy kinda stuff. which is always the good kind.

 i picked up some fresh smelling stuff for the house. vintage gardenia. it makes the house feel southern again. and i love it. its so feminine and girly, but thats okay, the husband is gone, so i can have pretty scents burning all of the time.

 also today was a very good mail day. no bills, which is always a good thing, but i got a cool new catalog and a “pick me up package” from my aunt karen. it had a sweet card and a yummy scented candle. its been a good day. gotta love that.

 well i am feeling pretty pooped. gonna lay down and get some rest. more to post later on, with updated photos of some of my projects. nighty night.

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